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[1/7] Seven Quotes ♦ Lust (Rain of Sorrows)
Bloodshed gives way to more bloodshed. Hatred breeds more hatred until all of the violence soaks into the land carving rivers of blood. And no matter how many times it happens they never learn. The human race is made up of violent miserable fools.

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it’s been a while.

i suppose this blog has become more of an anonymous, one-line ranting session that i haven’t updating in forever. but it’s okay, i’ll be back soon.

my rant for today is that boys are stupid. when you specifically tell them to text you after eight, they should do it within two hours, no? well it’s already 10:50, I’m sick and tired and have class tomorrow at 8 am. whyyyy didn’t he text me? ):

i suppose the wish on facebook this morning to feel better was really sweet, but that does not make up for the fact that i do NOT want to text him first all the time, or I’ll seem clingy. gahhhhhh so many emotions. at least i’ll probably be able to see him this weekend?? inshallah. 

this is going to be a long night studying. i hope i can get at least half of this done tonight….

fuck you, mol101, and how even though i’m taking this p/d/f, i still actually have to care… but only until tuesday. alhamdulillah.

i seriously have sat here for five hours, surfing the internet (okay, some of that time was writing a blog post; most of that time was reading my old blog posts from morocco), and then realizing that i should have put on self control and then everything was just like FUCK FUCK FUCK. I’T 3:30 I’M TIRED AND I’M JUST GOING TO GO TO BED NOW DAMNIT. FUCK THIS JP.

wow. it’s been a while. i need to revive this blog. which will start right after finals and such…

after telling myself that i would only write 3 pages of this 3-5 page essay, I am now halfway through page four, with only one third of my argument complete. 

why can’t they just reject me already???

i’ve waited 45 days like they said……. )))):

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